Basic Microsurgery Course 2019-03-26T19:16:39+00:00

Basic Microsurgery Course

Organizers: BAPRAS, UMF Iuliu Hatieganu, SSCR Cluj

Coordinators: Alexandru Georgescu, George Dindelegan, Alex Orădan, Ramona Vinași, stud. Maximilian Dindelegan

Instructors: Ileana Matei, Alex Orădan, Ramona Vinași, stud. Maximilian Dindelegan, Alexandru Ilie-Ene, Teodora Pană

Location: Laboratory animal facility – Centre for Experimental Medicine. 6, Louis Pasteur Street

Date: 7-8 May, 09:00 – 15:00

Course description:

The course consists of two days of intense training done under the surgical microscope, approaching it with basic exercises for dexterity and familiarization with the microsurgical setting and moving on to more complex procedures that include performing vascular anastomosis on laboratory animals. The theoretical part of the course is accompanied by a practical part that includes demonstrations performed by the main instructor at a central desk. Each participant will be given a surgical kit and their own microscope for practice.The trainers will supervise and help the participants to acquire the surgical maneuvers that are being shown by the main instructor as well as give feedback on their work.

Preliminary Program:

Day 1:

  • microsurgery instruments
  • the surgical microscope
  • microsurgical sutures on latex
  • vascular and nerve anastomosis on chicken leg

Day 2:

  • femoral vessels dissection on living rat
  • femoral artery and vein end to end anastomosis


Early bird registration feeUntill February 28, 2019100 euro
Late registration feeBetween February 28 and April 3, 2019150 euro