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Geoffrey Hallock

United States of America

Dr. Hallock received a B.S. in Physics from M.I.T., where he was awarded the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Scholar-Athlete award in 1969. He then taught physics and mathematics at a high school for a year, while also serving as coach for varsity soccer and basketball teams. He detoured back to M.I.T. for a post-graduate fellowship in Oceanography at Woods Hole, Cape Cod. Finally he arrived at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia to graduate in 1975. He completed a general surgery residency at the Dartmouth Affiliated Hospitals in New Hampshire/Vermont and a plastic surgery fellowship at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill [perennial NCAA basketball champions again this year]. He is certified in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Surgery of the Hand, but most importantly considers himself to remain one of the last of the “true” General Surgeons. He has been in private practice for 35 years in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. Of over 400 peer reviewed publications, his research in chronological order has been in fetal surgery, tissue expansion, flap anatomy, and now an obsession with perforator flaps. This resulted in 2 books, “Fasciocutaneous Flaps [1992],” and “Perforator Flaps [2013],” now in its second edition. He has written an additional 75 book chapters, and presented over 275 international lectures, while remaining a faculty member of the international perforator flap course group that meets annually in different hemispheres of the world. Dr. Hallock first met Dr. Wei 13 years ago at a perforator flap course, and considers his biggest honor was to have received the Fu Chan Wei award for “excellence in reconstructive surgery” in Taipei in 2014. Although considered by many to be part of history, every day continues to be a learning experience.