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Hossam Foda


Professor & Head of Facial Plastic Surgery
Otolaryngology Dept. Alexandria Medical School, Egypt

Dr. Hossam Foda is a Professor & Head of Facial Plastic Surgery Division, Otolaryngology Department, Alexandria University, Egypt.

Dr. Foda’s practice have been focused exclusively on rhinoplasty for the past 25 years during which he have made valuable contributions to the literature of Rhinoplasty by publishing numerous scientific articles and book chapters mostly on nasal tip modifying techniques, management of nasal deviations, and correction of cosmetic and functional problems resulting from failed previous rhinoplasties. In 2012, Dr. Foda was selected to serve on the board of directors of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe.

Dr. Foda has been invited to lecture at most of the leading Rhinoplasty courses around the globe and has been invited to give Rhinoplasty live surgical demonstrations in Hamburg, Dubai, Munich, Bergamo, Madrid, London, Tehran, Stuttgart, Odessa, Riyadh, Amsterdam, Palma de Mallorca, Karlsruhe, Antwerp, Kuwait, Bogota, Istanbul, Asturias, Jaipur.

More info. at www.hossamfoda.com